Wednesday, August 22, 2012

right now...

Right now I am... thankful to have such a wonderful u-pick farm across the "street" from us.  I biked over there yesterday, and loved being able to leave my (not too expensive but completely invaluable to me) bike and baby trailer just leaning again the barn while I went out to pick what I needed for dinner, here and there, in the fields.  Then, to my complete embarrassment, I realized (after picking everything) that I had forgotten my wallet at home.  Cue the most gracious and friendly ladies ever who provided many easy options for me to continue home with my purchases.  I love Pyrahs!  Despite the mishap, I biked home with strawberry and rhubarb plants as well as some freshly picked strawberries and some greens for our dinner.

...enjoying more and more time spent outdoors since moving to our new home.  There are so many beautiful things to do outside, including just sitting in the yard and watching the leggy spiders scurry past me.

...watching the colors change to fall and loving it!

...digging in the yard.  I'm making space for the new plants from Pyrah's and for the three bags of spring bulbs I picked up the other day.

...amazed by the way that Riggs' so carefully inspects his surroundings, finding a sense of wonder in the simple things, like the way his shadow moves as he does.

...satisfied with the strawberry-rhubarb pie I made last night with all locally grown fruit (and honey!).  

...settling in so comfortably to this new life in our new home.

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