Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Having gotten all of the squares and triangles cut our for my pinwheel quilt, I've slowly been working away at piecing together the squares.  But a package came in the mail that sort of put that hold for a day or two.  It's a funny story, actually.  A month or two ago, I started work on a cowl - a lovely pattern that was very quick, easy and mindless (my favorite ha).  I think I may have even mentioned in it a earlier Keep Calm Craft On post...but anyway, back to the point.

I encountered a pretty significant problem, about an hour or two into the project - I didn't have enough yarn.  And I had purchased the yarn over a year before, and I couldn't find the same color and dyelot to purchase anywhere!  I had thought I had more of it when I started the project, but never could find that elusive extra skien (I'm convinced now that I imagined it and there never was an extra skein to begin with).  As a sort of latch ditch effort, I looked on Ravelry to see if anyone had that particular yarn for sale or trade, and one person happened to have it!  I was so happy and proceeded to personal message them right away.  They got back to me quickly, but I was disappointed by their answer.  They said that they would send it to me as a "gift" and that they wanted no money or yarn to trade in return.  I was disappointed because I thought it was just a scam or a joke of sorts.  But I sent them my address anyway and laid the project aside, forgotten.  Forgotten, until a few days ago, when I received a curious package package in the mail, from Canada of all places (I love Canada!).

Thanks to the generosity of this kind soul, I had enough yarn to finish the project, and I started work on it right away.  It was quickly coming together, and I was held up only by a few distractions.  First there was a cute little baby gnome, playing with his cube and sending me little smiles that nearly melted my heart.  Then there were the maple strawberry banana muffins I made for Steve's lunches that I had to sample (of course).

Then I decided to try the cowl on that cute baby gnome, and decided right then and there that I need to crochet him one or two for the upcoming winter.  How adorable he looked in it!  And he seemed to loving having something to pull and chew on as well.

When the sun came out I decided to work on it outside, and then finally it was done and I tried it on and wore it around the yard despite the heat.  I am very thrilled with how it turned out and plan on making a little miniature one for Riggs very soon.  Maybe after I finish the top of my pinwheel quilt...

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  1. LOVE it! Can't wait to see it in person! What a kind kind soul!

  2. I love it when people do that! And I love anything with Raven in it(hmmm....I wonder why?) :)
    I live in So. Cal, but I love your blog- I was born in Ketchikan and would love to live in AK!!!

    1. Why thank you! I also love ravens and business that use raven in their name or logo must be great, right? :)

  3. Very cute! Extra cute on Riggs too haha :)

  4. such a great pattern that. cuuuuutttetee baby photos!!

  5. What a sparkly eyed babe! So cute!

  6. This looks lovely! That yarn looks beautiful, I really like the warmer tones of grey. And beautiful baby too :)