Thursday, August 16, 2012

feels like fall

It's starting to feel like fall here, and I am settling into it quite well.  Every year, the chill slowly creeps back into the morning air, schools are filled with students again, and I am filled with excitement for my favorite time of the year.  Saying that I love fall (and winter) is really the biggest understatement ever.  I really, really, really love it.

I thought a good way to welcome the fall would be to make a list (have I mentioned that I love making lists?) of a few of the things I love about fall.

1.  adding an extra wool blanket to our bed
2.  rainy days
3.  making a fall Bob Dylan playlist (I seriously love making lists)
4.  road trips
5.  running at Kincaid
6.  homemade bread fresh from the oven slathered with butter (and I mean slathered)
7.  mornings when we wake up as a family with smiles on our faces and happy plans for our day
8.  wind rustling through the dying leaves
9.  the way the sun shines differently, with less glare and more gold
10.  candlelight
11.  darkness
12.  reading on the couch under a homemade quilt
13.  the balance between chilly days and warm, cozy clothes
14.  family get togethers (they always seem to get more frequent for our families)
15.  birthdays and holidays


  1. I loooOOooooOOOoOOve FALL!!! I am so excited! And I love your list. One of my favorite things is walking the dogs at Connor's Bog with all the beautiful colors on the trees in comfy clothes with coffees soaking in the fall smells with Nick. :)

  2. I don't want fall but I love ur pics!

  3. I'm with that CES person, though actually it feels a bit like fall today here too, high only in the high 60s....

    1. That CES person is mummy!! I bet fall at your new home is going to be GORGEOUS with all the lovely trees!

  4. Love love the pics of fall in your yard and of beautiful beaux. Love even more the gold sunshine and the crisp air- nice list :) Miss you! And love you- send me your fall playlist :)