Thursday, August 9, 2012

fresh harvest

On Tuesday I made a trip to Pyrah's U-Pick Farm with my sister, Kelsey, and her boys.  We had a great time harvesting lots of beautiful veggies and enjoying the warm sunshine.  I went there for the first time last fall during their harvest festival and we had fun then, but it was so crowded.  This time was much more peaceful, and it was so much easier to find what we were looking for.  

First, we went to the huge rhubarb patch.  Both Kelsey and I wanted lots of rhubarb, and because of that we spent the most time there.  I got about 20 cups worth and Kelsey got about 22 cups worth - not bad!  My mom has rhubarb in her yard, and I plan on stealing some to transplant in our yard as soon as possible - I just need to remember next time I'm at my parents house.

It was fun to see the various crops in different stages of growth.  The boys really seemed to enjoy it too, even though they weren't aloud to go into the actual picking area.  We both let them help us in other ways though, and they kept themselves pretty entertained in other ways.

Riggs was a trooper in the Ergo, and I was happy that I remembered my hat to keep from getting too many more freckles.

We caused a stir in the Turnip patch when Noah suddenly realized that there were big fuzzy bees buzzing all around him and was basically immobilized by fear, unable to do anything but cry, very loudly.  We couldn't help but laugh, and a few of the other u-pickers had a bit of a giggle as well.  Poor Noah!  We tried to tell him that bees were actually very nice and essential to the growing process, but he didn't really care to hear anything about how good bees were, he just wanted to enjoy them from a safe distance, or the safety of his mama's arms.

When we got home I got busy processing our bounty, and we enjoyed a big salad with Steve when he got home, full of the fresh harvest we had just pulled gently from the earth.

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