Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Treat

The other day I saw something on pinterest that I wanted to eat and decided to actually make it:

They're called Pretzel Buttons and I can now speak from experience and say, yes, they are as delicious as they look.

Steve and I ran to Carrs for some Chinese food Steve just had to have, and I saw the valentines candy and actually remembered to get all the ingredients! I was so proud :). Only problem is they only had a bag of hugs & kisses and it didn't have very many hugs in it so I could only make a few. But those few were good, let me tell you!

I am hoping to get more ingredients, hopefully tomorrow after church, to make a bigger batch and will post a better picture then. For now, here is the picture of my final product:

Yummy! Even Steve loved them, and he is a very tough desert critic. We had about five left over this morning, and those were gone with Steve's first cup of coffee :)
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  1. Those look delicious! Kinda like a twist on the PB kiss cookies. They're cute too!