Wednesday, February 29, 2012

best served cold

think there's enough snow?

Today Riggs and I went to the Alaska Zoo with my sister and her boys.  We had such a great time!  It snowed again (!) but at least it looked extra white and sparkly around town.  I love love LOVE going to the zoo in the winter.  The animals are easier to see and seem to be out more too, and there are so many less people.  It is so peaceful and quiet and such a relaxing experience.  It was Riggs' first trip to the zoo too, so it was special in that way.

making snow angels

my sister, Kelsey

me and Riggs

musk ox :)

little sleepy head


snow leopard playing in the snow


  1. How interesting- are all of the animals there cold weather animals?

    1. Yes they are Nicole! We used to have Elephants, but when the older one died the younger one, Maggie, was too lonely to stay and she was moved to an Elephant sanctuary in the states. I love our zoo :)

    2. I like that! It seems a lot nicer for the animals to live in a climate they're comfortable in. I always hated to see a polar bear sweltering at a zoo on a hot day in the summer.

    3. Oh me too! I remember going to the Saint Louis Zoo and being shocked (and appalled) that they had a polar bear, which looked unhealthy in its small enclosure. Port guys! Our Polar Bears are happy and healthy, and are often found lounging in the snow or swimming :)