Friday, February 3, 2012

little snowflakes = lots of shoveling

Yesterday I spent all day at the computer setting up the blog for my 365 project and editing pictures.  This morning it looked like I was going to spend all day on the computer again.  Although it has been very addicting and enjoyable, I knew I needed to get outside.  The only problem?  There's a blizzard going on!

Despite the blizzard, I bundled up, wrapped Riggs up in the Moby, and headed out to get some fresh air.  20 degrees felt heavenly {sad, but true} and it was so quiet and peaceful.  We saw a grand total of two people and one Labrador during our entire walk, which was unusual considering I live one block away from the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, AKA the busiest trail in Anchorage.  But it was so nice, and just what I needed.  
love having him wrapped up
close to my heart
at the end of my street

so glad to get out of the house
When we got home, I had nearly a bucket-full of snow trapped in my bibs.  Only I didn't know about it until I was taking my boots off inside and it all tumbled out of my pant legs and all over the entryway rug.  I had to get out of the Moby and bibs as fast as I could to grab the dustpan and collect the snow before it melted and soaked the rug.

Now I'm back on the computer {obviously} and getting into all sorts of trouble.  I set up a Google+ account, so if you have one, you should add me to your circles.  If not, you should get one, then add me to your circles.  It's been nice to squeeze in so much computer time, and I know it's only possible right now because Riggy takes nice long naps multiple times a day.  I work at a desktop computer {which I love} in the kitchen/dining area/desk area, but I always feel a little wistful when I'm stuck on the couch nursing, cuddling, or consoling Riggs {which I love to do, don't get me wrong}, wishing I had a laptop so I could keep "working".  It would also be great for having something interesting to do when Steve wants to watch a boring movie/show in bed.  Also I could take it anywhere I wanted, on trips both long and short, and have a way to upload pictures and keep up on my blogs.  So that's what I'm wishing for right now - a nice macbook with some good photo editing software.  I guess I'll have to save all my pennies {seriously, I collect all the change Steve discards or leaves in his pockets} and hope to get one soon.

a lone bald eagle watching over us
love seeing footprints in the snow

I could barely see the radio tower from my side of the Lagoon


  1. Those last pictures are beautiful! I love the bald eagle one especially. Sounds like a great day <3 Hope you get your wish!

  2. I agree with Beka! I love those pics! I wish I could have taken a nice walk in the snow today! It was only chaos out there for me today!! xoxo