Friday, February 3, 2012

365 project

Inspired by Georgia over at Gregarious Peach, I have decided to start a 365 project.  Rather than starting on New Years Day {January 1st} I started my project on Riggs' birthday {January 12}.  Georgia challenged her readers to take, and share {this being the harder part - taking the photo is the easy part, at least for me} a photo every single day in an attempt to document delight in our every day lives.

At first I thought about trying to incorporate my new project into this blog, but quickly dismissed the idea.  Instead I have created a blog dedicated only to my daily photographs.  Hopefully this will also allow this blog to be a little less focused on Riggs and a little more focused on other {hopefully} interesting things I happen to come up with or want to share.

there's also a Facebook page
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  1. I really love this idea... Have you seen the Google commercial about a dad who makes an account for his newborn daughter and sends it pictures and videos and emails to give to her when she's older. Too cute :)