Sunday, February 5, 2012

making the switch

Yesterday was a great day.  I had secured 5 used Rumparooz one-size pocket diapers from a woman on Craigslist {who also went for my super low offer - yay!}.  Only problem?  She lived in Wasilla and wouldn't be coming to Anchorage for at least a month.  Luckily for me, Steve didn't mind piling in the car with me and Riggs to head out to the Valley and pick them up!  Also luckily for me {and for Riggs' poor, sore little bum} there's an amazing cloth diaper store in Wasilla called Arctic Baby Bottoms.  My friend Sally recommended them to me, and I was excited to check out the store and meet the owner, who I'd only heard great things about.

The store was amazing!  I was able to pick up two used Rumparooz for $16 each {new they are $23.50}, two  used Katydids and one new Bumgenius 4.0 {Steve just had to have the Albert print}. All for under $80, which is a great deal, and it was nice to support a local business!  I now have 10 diapers, and am working on increasing my stash by at least another 10.  I've got one on the way from and online swap and if I love how the Rumparooz work {which I already pretty much do}, I'll probably just order the rest new from Arctic Baby Bottoms.

Anyway, happy Sunday and hope you have fun watching the Superbowl, participating in the Ski for Women, or whatever else you plan on doing today :)


  1. Love the new diapers! All the colors are so cute :P

  2. Oh man, is it weird to love cloth diapers?? I should start stashing them away now, shouldn't I? Aaron and I have established a (very small) box of baby clothes that is inspired by your rubbermaids you had full of baby clothes when we were home for the wedding - time to get a bigger box! <3!

    1. in all honesty? YES! start stashing dipes as you find them for great deals used and on clearance. I would get a few different ones to begin with so you can figure out which work best for your baby {I LOVE typing that}. I want to go shopping around Portland with you, I can't even BEGIN to imagine the cuteness I could find in thrift shops/used clothing stores there!

  3. I SO want an Einstein print diaper for Sawyer! Super cute. I'm glad you are finding things that work for you... that is what makes CD successful. :)