Thursday, September 8, 2011

new babies!

It all started Tuesday.  I woke up late and was laying in bed feeling sort of glum.  I think I am slowly starting to get impatient for December to come around.  I texted my sister Kelsey, writing, "I want someone to have their baby so I can hold a newborn!"  We texted back and forth about the two babies our church was waiting on to be born, one due on the 8th of September and one due on the 24th.

Imagine my surprise when both are born by 1pm the next day!  That's right, both babies were born on the same morning, at the same hospital!  One was born while I was visiting the other!  Crazy!  I am so happy for both families, especially since they had fast labors and healthy babies.  It was so nice to hold them both and chat with their moms about their birth experiences.  I can't wait for Riggs to be here!

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