Thursday, September 15, 2011

Exciting things coming up!

Today I ordered stamps for our Christmas cards!  I love getting things done well ahead of time and having everything organized and ready to go.  I prefer to send out my Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving, and I debated trying to wait and do Christmas/New Year cards to try and squeeze in a picture of our little one.  But I ultimately decided to do a Christmas card separately and I will be (hopefully) using the maternity pictures we get taken.  I just booked the appointment for those too.

I decided to do them when I was about 32 weeks, which I think will be plenty big enough.  I get to do three different outfit changes and will now be on the lookout for what to wear.  I think we will do most of them outside, so I will need to wear something somewhat warm.  I think I want to go for basic black/white for both Steve and I, because too much color in pictures annoys me.  Especially since it will be winter-ish.  I'm thinking at least some of the shots will be in some nice grey or black yoga this picture, which I like (copyright noted in pictures):

I might want to do a dress pose too, what do you think?

I might throw a pair of dark wash jeans into the mix, like this:

Neither Steve or I want any with just him and my belly, kissing it or hugging it or staring at it creepily for example, like this:

 It just weirds me out.  As do the rosary beads....

or this:

So back to what I DO like...not many when it comes to both Steve and I.  Thankfully that is what Mitch is for, brilliant genius that he is, but I still want to think of what I do and don't like.

I like this type:

or something like this:

So anyway, those are my ideas thus far.  Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!


  1. he he he!!! Steve is such a good man!

  2. I think the man belly ones are creepy too! But I def got a laugh lol. I love the first one and first one of a cute couple. So excited for the holidays too!

  3. Dude, that one with just the belly and the guys' face looks like something science-fictiony. Are you gonna have Beau in your pictures? He'd be such a cute splash of color against your black and white outfits - and I would LOVE to see you in a slinky black dress against your insane porcelain skin in the winter. I can see like a white sundress-style dress working too somehow...but you will definitely freeze :). Of the pictures you posted I noticed one huge thing - throw your damn shoulders back. The dark blue jeans chick looks so good, and then the one of the husband kissing wifey's forehead just looks like they're really young, and I really think it's in her posture. OH MAN, okay, WINNING picture idea - you. floor-length mink coat (in black). with nothing underneath :D. I'm so classy. I meant to take my dog for a run like a hour ago, effin' internet...I love you Mrs. Harness!!!