Saturday, September 24, 2011

26 weeks

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant.  I can't believe it!  It seems like literally just yesterday Steve and I were talking about deciding to stop using birth control and "try" and get pregnant!  That was the beginning of March, and I found out I was pregnant by April 20, so this whole year has sort of been a pregnancy whirlwind!  It has been 157 days since I found out I was pregnant, and the exciting thing is now I only have 97 days left until my due date!  Where has the time gone?!

As I said earlier in the week, little Riggs is about 2 lbs, and according to my pregnancy app, he should be about 14 inches long.  So exciting!  It is not surprising to me that he is getting so much bigger so fast, because I feel him moving around and kicking like crazy almost all the time.  Many times when I don't feel big movements, I just have to watch my belly and I see little movements nearly all the time.  I love to feel him move, and I think that is what I will miss most about being pregnant.  Last night I could not sleep very well at all, and was up since 3am, but I just laid in bed with a smile on my face for the next two hours because he was moving all around.  It's amazing how much I can love someone I know so little about and haven't even met yet!

Other than the issues I've been having with my heart, I have had barely any pregnancy related symptoms, which I am so thankful for!  No swelling, no heartburn, no itchy or weird skin problems.  If it weren't for my fatigue, palpitations and breathing issues from the heart thing, I think I would feel amazing!

Baby, fetus at 26 weeks - BabyCenter
Here's a pictures of my little guy's progress this week, I can't believe how
much he's grown and how much my body has changed to accommodate him!

As of today, Riggs has completed two-thirds of his stay in my uterus!  This is such an exciting thought, and I can't wait for December to be here so he can come out big and healthy to meet us!

as you can see he's growing fast!


  1. Wow- you got huge! You look so good :) I can't wait to feel him move also. It's crazy how fast time has gone by. Love you xoxo

  2. Aww Whitney, I'm so excited for you! I hope everything goes well in your last trimester :)