Monday, July 18, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

I made the mistake of going into the Quilt Tree last week when Kelsey was working.  There was just so much cute fabric, I decided to make a quilt for baby, even though it had to be gender neutral since we won't find out the gender until the first week in August (17 days to be exact!).  Kelsey suggested the Yellow Brick Road pattern for the fabric I picked out, and I agreed.  So I bought the fabric on Wednesday, started the cutting and such on Thursday, and finished the entire thing on Friday!  Now it is just waiting to be quilted by my wonderful sister and then there will be the task of hand sewing the binding on.  I can't wait to see how cute it is with the teal striped minky for backing and the rainbow stripe fabric for binding, but it is already pretty cute.

Here's what I got done on Thursday, just waiting for the border now!

And Friday morning, the border was on!  I just love that fabric, it's got owls AND beavers!

And a close up...just a little blurry oops

Anyway, now I'm just waiting on Aug 4th to get here so I can go buy some gender specific fabric to make another one! I love this pattern and it's really good practice for me, as I tend to not pay attention to seam allowance while I'm sewing and wind up with really wonky stuff...Not so with this quilt, it turned out almost perfect!  yay!


  1. PS - I'll be sure to take MUCH better, non cell phone pictures when it's finished :)

  2. Wow! I love it- that is so cute, way to go finishing it so fast! <3