Monday, July 25, 2011

rainy day productivity

After laying in bed for two hours this morning reading and listening to the rain, I decided to get out of the bed and get something productive done.  I went to work cleaning the kitchen, and reorganizing the pantry, which included making a list of foods that I had in the pantry and freezer so that I could plan some meals for the next couple of weeks.

Probably the most negative aspect of being pregnant for me has been complete lack of energy and motivation for getting anything done around the house.  I'll get maybe one task done a day, and then zone out in my recliner staring at the wall till Steve gets home, at which point I drag myself to the kitchen to make a salad to go with the steak he is grilling for himself and pour myself a bowl of cereal for my own dinner.  Either that or we would eat out.  Pretty lame, especially since I am usually a little bit obsessive about keeping the house clean, organized, and I love to cook and bake.  In the last week or two I have noticed a daily increase of energy in regards to getting house work done, and I am rejoicing in this new development!  Maybe I will be back to my old self just in time to be slowed down by a big baby belly lol.

One of the biggest reasons I have not been cooking at all has been my lack of any idea of what to make for dinner.  That or not knowing what we actually have and going to the store to buy more groceries that we didn't really need just to make one dinner.  So I decided today that I would tackle this problem by making a list of what we have and organizing it into possible meals that I can make without getting any additional groceries.  I'm so excited!  Now all I have to do is run to the store and grab a few extra staples that I don't have to complete some of the recipes/meals I've figured out, and I'm happy to announce that this list is only made of about 7 things (some of which we've been out of for a while, like brown sugar - so wierd!  I always have brown sugar!).

Hope you are having a productive, rainy, Monday!


  1. I need to do that with my food!! I am hoping to make John some meal;s before I leave!

  2. lol, laying in bed while preggo with the first was the best, there was no laying in bed with the second as finn was 2 and rob works on the slope-lol, sooo busy...the energy thing does get better i promise as i'm sure kelsey has told you, but then you really spend all your time cleaning (nesting they call it-lol) i think when i was preggers with both i scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees at least once a week, but when not pregnant that doesn't seem so important (the hands and knees part anyways-lol)