Monday, July 18, 2011

Michigan Trip

Okay, I know I promised that I would be updating more, but I actually have a real excuse for my latest absence from posting!  At the end of June I went on a last minute trip to visit my Grandpa in Michigan to keep him company while he was dealing with some health issues.  It was so nice to be back in Michigan at my grandparents house again.  I love that place, so many great memories.  This time it was just me, mom, my Grandpa Wes, and my Uncle Leo.  The entire time I was there I think there was one day that was below 80 degrees for like, one hour.  It was SO hot, especially for a pregnant Alaskan lady!  lol.

Mom and I flew all night on a direct flight to Chicago, without getting much sleep, so we were pretty exhausted when we picked up our rental car in Chicago at 9:00am.  Luckily, we had planned on being to tired to drive all the way to our final destination, so we only had to get to Benton Harbor, MI, just past the Indiana border.  Driving on a crazy busy toll road on the fourth of July weekend didn't exactly help us feel relaxed; it was crazy!  But we eventually made it to the twin cities of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, and used the last of our energy to visit Lake Michigan and soak up some sun on the beach there.

 Mom with the beach and the lighthouse behind her...(and a thunderstorm rolling in)

Gotta love unexpected beach time! 

Beautiful beach with lots of boat traffic nearby...and Whitney, the whitest person at the beach lol

We slept for about 14 hours then headed off feeling VERY refreshed to Mt. Pleasant.  The drive flew by and before we knew it, we were there!  We had a great week there with Grandpa and Uncle Leo, and got to have a impromptu, miniature family reunion of sorts at a local golf course.

All in all it was a great trip and so good to spend time with family, even if it was for slightly scary reasons!  Happy to say Grandpa is now on the mend and feeling much better!

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