Monday, July 25, 2011


I really like the idea of using cloth diapers, but know that there will be times when we want to go the disposable route. BUT we want to go easy on the environment, so we were sort of a tricky spot.
I finally decided on gDiapers as our main choice and can't wait to start using them on our little one! gDiapers are very practical bc they combine both cloth and disposable options in a single diaper cover. You simply choose either a biodegradble disposable liner or a cloth liner!
I found some used covers on eBay over the last week and was excited to pick them up. When we find out the gender next week I will start purchasing more as they ate listed on eBay. Is prefer to buy all the covers used as that saves us $ and is much more Ecofriendly since we will be recycling a product that has already been made.  I have added a pic of the ones we have already purchased to show off how cute they are...and I really love the colors they come in. What do you think?

I love these colors, especially the blue.  Blue is probably my favorite gender neutral baby color, 
it goes with everything and is so beautiful and peaceful! 


  1. i used them too-loved them! and so many liners from other diapers work too! i would pass mine on to you but when we moved into our house i gave them away (i will admit i cried a little) the kids just won't stop growing no matter how often i ask!

  2. i didn't have very good luck with gdiapers. i don't know what it was. my son isn't even a heavy wetter, but i found they leaked a lot - on the edges. my son was really slight as a baby so it probably had something to do with the legs not being tight enough. i use bumgenius and they are amazing. i actually got them used off craigslist in anchorage. i bought cloth diapers used from three different moms there. i spent a total of $250 and have only bought disposables a handful of times (we live on a boat so can't do laundry everyday so we use disposables at night and during travel). i wish the gdiapers worked for us because they are soooo much cuter!

  3. I've heard that complaint about gDiapers, which is another reason I want to get them used so that if they don't work out, the investment isn't quite as significant. That's what is hard about cloth(and clothish) diapers, you aren't sure which ones you are going to like/which are going to work until your little one is actually born! I've heard really good things about bum genius brand, and have a friend who uses those exclusively, so that will be a good second option for cloth...thanks for the input! :)

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