Monday, April 4, 2011

Hard to let go...

This picture probably seems very odd for me to post on my blog, but it is here for a reason. Today, I finally allowed myself to lovingly fold up that blanket for the last time and get rid of it.
Covered in rips and holes, all I saw were memories of how those holes were made as tears filled my eyes; the tattered quilt wasn't doing much to keep me warm anymore, but still I did not want to part with it. I picked that quilt out with my mom about 10 years ago, around the same time I got a little black furball named Pepper. She had the most beautiful brown eyes and the biggest heart, and man did she love to scratch at that blanket until it was perfectly arranged for her to sleep on. Nine years of similar treatment is what led to the tattered state of the quilt I let go of today.

I think that it might be one of the hardest thing about losing a loved-one, the little things in your day to day life that pop up and remind you of them so strongly you can't let go of the object, no matter how worn out and useless it may be. As silly as it sounds, letting go of that quilt was like saying goodbye to Pepper all over again. It's been seven months since we said goodbye, and just when I think the pain is fading, I realize again that it never really will. I love and miss my big girl, and wish I could give her one more hug. For those pet owners out there, cherish the time you have with your pet/s, because it can be over so fast!
Pepper on her favorite quilt, in 2002 


  1. Me too :'(
    I remember this quilt on your bed at home in your sunny room with pepper and notebooks spread out on it. Good memories.

    Miss you and love you xoxo