Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goats lead to other interesting things...

The other day Steve saw a poster at Middle Way Cafe in Anchorage advertising a workshop to learn about raising goats in your backyard, for family purposes rather than commercial purposes.  We would really love to have two or three goats someday (along with or preceded by I guess I should say chickens) and thought it would be fun.  Steve called, and unfortunately, the woman hosting it was unsure of whether or not it would actually be happening, due to the lack of interest.  So far, only one other person had signed up to go.  Steve assured her that we would be there for sure, and on Saturday we drove out to Eagle River, all the way to the end of Eagle River rd, nearly to the Eagle River Nature Center, before reaching our hosts home.

This place was a phenomenon on its own.  We were thrilled to listen to the goat presentation, and meat the presenter's three cashmere goats she had brought along for that purpose.  But we were intrigued by the community we unearthed by meeting the host and seeing her house and learning about her little community.  Cindee was our hostess, and she took pleasure in showing her around her amazing home.  Please check out the links I have included about Cindee's Alaskan EcoEscape.  This place is awesome!  There are a few events coming up, so be sure to check out her facebook page as well.

Below is a bunch of images that I "borrowed" from Cindee's facebook page to share with you all, to inspire you to do at least one or two simple things to be more sustainable.  Remember every day to think globally by acting locally!  This is crucial to the future of our society people!

There's plenty of other pictures and more information on the AlaskanEcoEscape website,so be sure to visit it!


  1. Wow! That is so cool that you went and did that! Her house does look amazing. And I agree- one small thing everyday done by everyone would make a huge difference-= imagine what 2 things a day would do!

  2. Our friends have pygmy goats in their yard, they're just like dogs! Oh man we have so much to talk about!