Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farm Animal Sanctuary

"Both battery cage and “free-range” egg hatcheries kill all male chicks shortly after birth. Since male chicks cannot lay eggs and are different breeds than those chickens raised for meat, they are of no use to the egg industry. Standard killing methods, even among “free-range” producers, include grinding male chicks alive or throwing them into trash bags and leaving them to suffocate.

The animals killed so we can have chicken breasts, milk, and omelets feel pain and experience joy just like the dogs and cats we pamper. And, like dogs and cats, they want to live free from torture and suffering."

A friend on Facebook visited this farm and posted the link.  "Hmm..."  I thought, "What a great way to avoid doing more homework..."  

After looking around on the website, I found the statement above stood out to me the most.  Personally, I know that I will never be vegan.  But I have definitely become nearly meat free in the last year due to learning more about the conditions that animals go through in the commercial meat industry.  We are trying to be very careful about what meat we buy, not only because we want to be healthier ourselves, but because we do not want to support corporations have such horrible standards.  Please try to be more educated about where the food you eat comes from!  If even 25% of people in this country tried to make a difference in food industry, that would make a huge difference!  Please share this post if you want to help make our country (and world) a healthier, more humane place.

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*EDIT* Phil B brought up a great point that I wanted to quickly share...the way our food crops are being handled is also completely deplorable, and is at a crisis point that the majority of the American public has no knowledge of (maybe because they don't care, but I think it is because companies like Monsanto work very hard to keep it off of public radar).  Here are a few links for further reading, and I will work on coming up with a full post for later...

"Organic Farm Groups Sue Monsanto" by Alison Rose Levy


  1. I agree that the conditions on corporate animal farms are often beyond deplorable. I agree that for the karmic health of the planet, we all need to move just a cog or two beyond our current manifest destiny/God gave us the animals to use mentality and show some humanity. However, our desire for cheap, plentiful, and consistent quality foodstuffs of all stripes has led to atrocities throughout the industry. Of course plants don't feel, but the breadth of genetic modification of even the most basic food stock makes one really wonder if we as humans can do anything other than destroy...

    Maybe I am just in a foul mood today, but it really seems that we need to be just as outraged by the treatment of our wheat, corn, and soybeans as we are about how farm animals are treated. Mass production of any sort is not without "acceptable losses."

  2. Thanks for bringing this up, I totally agree! The thought of 100% genetically engineered food crops completely terrifies me, and Monsanto is nearly 100% to blame for that possibility. I have updated my post with a few links for further reading on this topic...(maybe I need to write a post about this too??)