Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Hikes

So I have decided that my favorite time of year to go hiking is definitely in the early spring.  It is sort of a downside of course that it isn't even green outside.  But there is plenty of sun, the temperature is perfect for working up a sweat, and there are NO MOSQUITOES!!!!!!!!!!!!  Actually there was one big one that kept following Steve around as he ate his salmon salad,  but still, usually a herd follows me everywhere I go and I get like 20 bites that itch like crazy!

We went hiking today on a nameless trail about 21 miles from Anchorage on Turnagain Arm, straight up the mountain side next to a chattering stream that ended in a majestic waterfall by the highway.  We were only out for two hours, but the trail ended and we stopped for lunch then headed home.  Steve had gotten a massage in the morning while I had done a strength training workout at the gym, so we did not want to overdue it.  The sun felt beautiful and the 54 degrees was a welcome change from the 20s and 30s.  So if you live in Alaska, don't let the lack of green hold you back, just get out there! It's gorgeous and there are no bugs?  How much better can it get?!

breathtaking and peaceful 

 happy to be out in the sun!

 my lunch spot :)

 Steve getting crazy on some deadfall stumps

 And it's down!

 How can anyone live anywhere but Alaska?

 having a "swinging" good time lol

We had a great trip and can't wait to go back and search for the continuation of the trail :)

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