Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8th

I woke up today peaceful and thoughtful. What a luxury to spend an hour under my warm covers thinking reminscing and thinking about the future. How cozy to be the only one awake, listening to the sleepy breathing of my husband and the dogs, and of course the constant purring of Queen Annabelle. Silently reading some of my favorite blogs, reading about the blessings and trials of mommyhood, I wonder what I will be writing about my own children in the years to come. I ache for that time, for the time when I will have my own beautiful little gifts from God to cuddle, laugh and sometimes cry about. I try to imagine how it will be, all the while knowing that my wildest dreams won't even come close.
And now when my mind should be filled with the significant historical events of the Qing Dynasty, all I am filled with is awe at the beauty of the sky this morning and the fresh snow that for some reason reminds me of spring.

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