Thursday, February 18, 2010

writer's block

I find it so frustrating that when I have nothing going on in my life, there seems to be endless things to blog about. But when I have many exciting things going on at once, blogging becomes difficult. I guess I'll just start with a note about the weather. At first when the mercury hit 40, I was excited. I love that feeling that I get first in February, that spring is coming. But then it just gets icier and icier and wet and sloppy and muddy and I get over the excitement for forty degree weather and begin to loathe it. The fall count is up to 3: twice at school tomorrow, and once today on the way in my house. But the snow is melting very fast, which means that when real spring comes, there will be that much when it melts completely.

Today in my Pilates class, I realized how much I have improved in the 6 weeks since the class started. My instructor, Sunday, is so soothing to listen to, and does a really good job of watching each student to make sure we're doing the exercise right, physically adjusting us if we aren't. I can't believe how much I love Pilates. Although I'll be excited not to have to wait around for the class to start at 2:30 Tuesday's and Thursday's, I'm really going to miss the class. The class is held at Studio One Pilates and they offer other classes not through UAA, so I might see if there's one that fits into my schedule a little better. Otherwise, I'm going to buy the equipment that I've worked with so far and do the exercises and mat work at home. I love how strong I feel after each class, and how much my posture and overall movement has improved since the beginning of the class. For anyone who has thought about taking a Pilates class, I definitely recommend it.

Steve and I went to see Avatar last night at Century theater, and we loved it. Pandora was a beautiful planet and really displays the depths of James Cameron's imagination. We watched it in 3D, which really added to the movie, especially once Jake Sully arrived on Pandora; it was like we could have stepped into the movie, like the stalks of the various plants and the branches of the huge trees were extending into the theater. We had heard so much about this movie, and it's always nice when a movie lives up to its hype. I'm happy to say that Avatar even surpassed the hype for me, I thought it was more like an experience, like being on a ride in Disney World, than like watching a movie.

This semester I registered for Geology 111/L, which is Physical Geology with a lab, and I can't believe how much I love the class. Our teacher, Terry Nauman, is an amazing teacher, and the things we are learning about our earth are so significant and they make sense. I never really thought that rocks, volcanoes, sand dunes, ect. could be so interesting to learn about!

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