Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowy Friday and rediscovery...

Snow did not foil our plans to go to the zoo today. Instead we just bundled up, grabbed a sled and headed over there! I always think the zoo is better in the winter, the animals seem to be more active. Today we got there at opening time and found that the animals were all hungry and therefore excited for anyone to come near their enclosures. The wolverine and trio of Lynx all kept a very close eye on us as Kelsey, Corbin, Noah and I walked by them. It was amazing to see them not only active, but so close as well!
After the zoo we headed over to church to play with some preschool friends. Corbin and Noah loved it! They couldn't get enough of playing with "Pastor," "Teacher," and "Anna." After Kelsey dropped me off at home, I spent the next two hours throwing the turkey in the oven, making turkey broth for the gravy, and cooking all the various ingredients needed for making healthy food for my babies, Pepper and Beau. With a few hours left until the turkey would be done, I decided to search for some old Sierra games I used to love online. I found the original version of Mixed Up Mother Goose and downloaded it as well as the Dos download required to run it. It was weird how many memories were brought back with that game!
Now I'm sitting at the computer, trying to decide whether to start on a crochet project next, or to be responsible and get started on homework...I guess you all (assuming anyone actually reads this lol) will have to wait until later to find out which I chose!

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