Monday, February 22, 2010


It has been so nice today to actually feel the warmth of the sun. I am loving wearing my sandals and sweaters rather than sorels and puffers. Not that I don't love those too, but it's nice to change things up once and a while. I love Alaska so much, because when spring, even when it's slushy and dirty, we are so much more appreciative of it after the long, usually cold winter.

Not that I think it's spring yet. Sadly enough, I'm sure it will get back below freezing and snow some more before winter is truly over. But I will revel in the weather that today has brought and smile up into the sun as long as I can. I actually hope it does snow a little bit more to cover up this icy crust so that I can partake in one of my favorite pastimes, spring skiing. There's nothing like skate skiing along in leggings and a t-shirt. I try to remember that when I'm wishing for summer. My life is short enough, I want to find something to enjoy and appreciate every day of it rather than wishing each day away...

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