Friday, January 6, 2012

waiting game

Happy Friday!  I'm checking in to reassure everyone - no baby yet, I'm still pregnant!  And although I'm very excited to meet our little guy, I feel great and know he will come when he's ready, so I don't mind waiting.  The only sad thing about him being much later is that both my little sister and grandpa will miss him being born.  Beka leaves the 9th and my grandpa leaves the 10th.  Thank God for technology like Skype, blogs, and Facebook to share video and pictures!

I have been keeping busy doing fun things and enjoying my last couple of days of complete freedom.  This week I helped my mom purge and reorganize all of the Christmas decorations at her house.  It was fun to look through everything, such good memories!  I know it felt good for her to get rid of about 4 boxes worth of things we never use anymore.  

I enjoyed a Costco shopping/browsing trip, probably the last for a while as well.  It was so nice to just wander around looking at what they had to offer. 

We went and saw War Horse yesterday, and while it was honestly the best movie I've seen in a long time (like, years), it was hard to watch.  I started crying in the previews (Titanic preview - will be back in theaters soon) and never stopped until the end of the movie.  Bring Kleenex if you decide to go see it!  Unfortunately I think I will have to torture myself and see it again because now that we know it's good Steve wants to go see it.  I don't want to give anything away about the movie, but I will say nothing can prepare you for what happens in this movie, and it is a good reminder of how easy we have it in our country.  

Other than that, I've just been lounging around my very clean and organized house.  

I finally ordered some new birkenstocks to replace my fave pair that finally
wore out.  I got two pairs - these Arizona's, which I'm wearing, quite
comfortably, right now... 
...and some more Gizehs to replace these old gems (on the left of course -
the Toms on the right are Briney's lol - and I need some more of those too...)

Steve's Ekornes Stressless recliner came in Monday, so he's been
enjoying that, and I've been enjoying our living room looking so nice
and cozy (and maybe a little more grown up than the old futon)

Riggs is still getting marvelous gifts, like this amazing sweater knit
by my Aunt Connie.  Now he just needs to come out and use them all!


  1. What a gorgeous sweater!! He probably realizes it is freezing outside and likes his nice warm home. :) I'm glad you are still feeling great, and hope to meet your little boy soon!!

  2. Oh man, okay, that sweater is the shit. Look, I am featured in your blog :D! I LOVE YOU WHITNEY ERIN HARNESS, thank you SO for posting and keeping me and everyone so posted. I hope that little dude can come before Beka has to go back to school (and yer Gramps!), uhhh! I haven't seen War Horse yet but it is on the must list for one amazingly British reason: Benedict Cumberbatch! Search "Sherlock" on netflix, BBC started doing a miniseries last summer, the next "series" or season or whatever starts in May and it's SO GOOD. Remember the guy who plays the body double in Love Actually? He plays Watson, and for some reason is super sexy. Oh Whitney I love you and I'm so excited! I bet you and Steve are (figuratively) jumping up and down with excited impatience! You're like CONSTANTLY on my mind. Not to get creeper or anything :D...