Thursday, February 24, 2011

New (to me) blog that I'd like to share...

This is Kelly.  She is the creator of Faithful Provisions, a blog about "saving money while living generously".  Her inspiration for the blog and its title come from a passage in Luke that addresses our needs as humans and how God provides for them.  I love her blog.  It is such a resource for those of us out there trying to budget and live well within our means.  When Kelly was pregnant with her first child about six years ago, she felt very convicted about her job status.  She felt God encouraging her to quit her job to be home with the new baby, a change that would be the catalyst for many more changes if this new plan was going to work.  Through prayer and guidence from other women, she was able to cut her grocery/eating out bill from around $1100 a month to just $250!  This is so inspiring, and I just had to share her site with all my bloggy friends and family.  I hope you check it out and utilize the many resources that Kelly has organized so well on her site.  Happy reading (and budgeting)!

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