Friday, February 18, 2011


 As I mentioned in my post this morning, I wasn't too optimistic about making it to work on my bike.  Skinny tires don't do so good in four inches of fresh powder on ice.  
But, still, I tried to have a positive attitude.  

...I made it to where our Jeep was parked...

...but only made it one hundred yards down our street before I fell for the third time.  
My tracks are captured in the photo above.  
At this point, I turned back and walked back down our street,
 brushed my bike off, and headed back inside.  I decided to drive :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend, mine will be busy as usual.  Special thoughts go out there to all my friends, coworkers, bloggy people doing the Susitna tomorrow!  Mike, Bob, Josh, Seth, Jill, you guys are rock stars!

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