Friday, June 18, 2010


(Me super excited about the state of my kitchen. and it only got worse)
I woke up at 5:30 this morning and slept fitfully after that until I finally got up at 7:15am. I was groggy and felt like I could have slept for hours and hours, but it wasn't to be. I let the dogs out and said good morning to my parents before sitting down to enjoy a bowl (or two) of lucky charms. Sugary cereals are a weakness for me, but I try to convince myself that it's better to indulge in them in the morning than to stuff my face with pints of Hagen daaz or a full package of raspberry licorice later in the day.

After sluggishly getting dressed and throwing my hair in a ponytail, I hopped into the car with my mom and little sis and headed off to my day. After spending the morning sitting on my futon reading all of Jill's (my all time favorite blog and inspiration) 2006 blog posts while the plumbers labored away in my kitchen, I went on to pick up Rebekah from work and headed back to my parents, looking foreword to hopping on my cannondale and riding for hours in the overcast, windy Alaskan afternoon. Unfortunately, once I got there and sat down, I couldn't get up again. And now I'm sitting here typing away instead of getting out logging some miles. It's strange, I spent all day looking foreword to biking, and now I can't find the motivation to do it. Now I've been invited to the dog park, and I feel like I can't pass that up, so I guess it might not be a biking day after all.

Maybe this lack of motivation has something to do with the fact that I dropped off my touring bike, a Novara Randonee, at REI yesterday for a total tune up, which is exciting and I can't wait to get it back all spic and span and working great. But at the same time, I just added batteries to my bike computer and only got to log one day with all the specific info before I dropped her off, so I'm missing that on my cannondale. I also just cannot wait to add some accessories to my Randonee to make her more comfortable and rideable for longer distances. But I always have plenty of elaborate plans that never seem to always come true exactly how I imagined them. I guess that's life, as they say. Fortunately, one thing I am pretty good at is making things work regardless of whether or not I have the perfect set up.

From Yesterday 6/17/1 0
Miles: 7
Average MPH: 16.2
Fastest MPH: 19.8
Slowest MPH: 2.3 (I was riding in the stop/start traffic of Anchorage's busiest streets)

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  1. Awesome! I picked up one today too! I went and biked to Super Walmart, Michaels, and Freddies. I am hoping to get the energy and wherewithal to blog soon. Love you!