Tuesday, June 22, 2010

feeling technologically advanced

Mileage: 9.2
Fastest mph: 26
It's only 2.6 miles from my house to the Quilt Shop my sis works at and about 7-8 miles from her house, so I got there early and snapped a few pictures while waiting for her to get there.
I had also stopped for a minute at Westchester Lagoon to adjust my seat and snapped these pictures. It was sort of quiet for the lagoon in the summer. But by the time I got back around 3pm, it was packed.
I was able to average about 18 mph on the Chester Creek trail en route to the Quilt Shop, but had to slow down (or stop) pretty often for walkers and blind turns into the three or four tunnels I went through. Kind of frustrating. I just want to cruise down the path without any breaks in my speed or concentration. After Kelsey got to there and dropped off some paperwork to her boss...
...we headed back down the Chester Creek trail and stopped at Valley of the Moon park for the boys to get out and play a bit. They had just woken up from the nap they took as Kelsey towed them to the Quilt Shop, and were a little groggy but excited to play, as you can tell by the expression on Noah's face.
We then packed them back up and headed past the Lagoon towards Elderberry park. We got there pretty quick and then turned around and went our seperate ways. I headed up to New Sagaya to grab some salad makings and pita chips, then headed home to finish the laundry I am finally finishing up after the month long plumbing ordeal.
I have been trying to get a job at REI but haven't heard back from them. It's been a little frustrating because I am dying to work there, I have years of retail experience, I can start immediately, and I have a very open schedule. Note to REI: I am perfect for you! Please hire me! (maybe that'll help...)

I adjusted my bike computer to include my actual wheel size so I hope I'm getting more accurate information now. It's amazing how having the computer motivates me to push myself harder to get those mph up and to go further distances. I feel like I'm never quite going fast enough. Also, I really need to invest in some bike shoes or at least shoes that aren't six year old runners or sandals. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (this plea implies that someone actually reads my blog which is probably very wishful thinking so I will most likely have to research bike shoes via google)


  1. I read your blog!, it's on my rss feed! You should ask my mother she prolly knows.. Rei! Hire Whitney!!

    / mitch

  2. awww thanks Mitch I love you! Good idea to ask your mom - she's like a cycling guru now isn't she?

  3. I read too! Though, I already talked to you about shoes, so I'm not really any help :) We should all do the REI dance ;P Had fun biking with you!!

  4. I finally read also! I have no idea what kind of shoes to buy and REI is crazy cuz they haven't hired you yet!! I'm doing the dance!