Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Advice from an Estuary and a return to blogging

Advice from an Estuary
Look ordinary
Don't ask for much 
Travel to your edge, then go further
Empty out
Let the moon refill you
Embrace opposites easily
Host travelers without borders, feed them
Listen to the distance in their songs
Nurture the invisible, harbor the young
Send those you've raised out into the world
Digest insults. Reframe and cleanse them
Adopt silence while others speaks all around you
Measure change calmly
Mirror the sky
At times,
Be still.
- Wendy Erd

This poem is resonating with me lately, rattling around in my brain and my heart, the message present in the background of everything I do. I'm returning to blogging, mostly to document the process of living in an Airstream while building our own small home but also as a space to share the things that I find meaningful and beautiful in my life and the world around me. 

I'm at Homer Public Library using the internet to post this, and the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra's string quartet is performing Vivaldi's Four Seasons in a children's concert - just another reminder of why I love this community. The room is packed and the music is beautiful and I'm so glad to be here in this moment. 

I'm looking forward to be able to share a tiny piece of Homer with you through the experiences I have living here and hope you feel comfortable enough in this space to interact freely through commenting here and on photos I share in my instagram feedThank you for stopping in. ♥

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