Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Raven Run Club: Alaska Training Program for Runners of all Levels

This fall I'm going to Anchorage at least once a week as part of the Raven Run Club, a 15 week training program put on by Skinny Raven and coached by their employees. It has been so fun so far and I'm glad I signed up!

Running is something that anyone can do, but all the technical stuff can be kind of confusing for beginners and seasoned runners a like. I decided to join the training program as a first step towards having a coach planning workouts for me with the goal of improving my pace. It is so nice to have someone more experienced than myself to write out workouts that I just get to show up and complete. I also love getting feedback while I'm running, on my form and pace during Tempo segments. It's also great to get to know other people in the Alaska running community - it's always great to find more running buddies!

Even though the training program started August 19, I believe you can still sign up and pay an adjusted fee for the remaining weeks. And I think that Skinny Raven plans on offering training programs year round in the future, which is so exciting! The programs are open to runners of all levels and the coaches are all extremely friendly and easy to talk to. For anyone looking to improve at running, I highly recommend signing up! There are three times offered: 6am, 10am and 6pm and we meet every Wednesday for the main workout and then there's an optional Saturday long run as well at 8am.

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