Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An ode to the Sea

One of the obvious benefits of living in Homer is proximity to the ocean and to miles and miles of coastline that is easily accessible. We spend hours each week at the beach, walking or collecting special rocks or just sitting and staring at the waves. I go with the kids during the week, and we go as a family on the weekends or sometimes weeknights too. Occasionally the kids stay with Grandma and it's just Steve and I, and sometimes I go by myself, soaking in the solitude with only a cup of tea for company. 

Nothing represents the raw beauty and emotion, the highs and lows of life better than the sea, and I think that's what draws me. I feel so small and my problems so insignificant - it is truly a place of refuge. My soul is always nourished by visiting the ocean, there is magic in the pulse of the waves that even the most pragmatic can't deny.

Seeing the pull of the water speak to Riggs and Raina is a special gift in itself, and I could spend countless hours watching them immerse themselves in the sand and the surf. They spend an hour exploring a single, tiny tide pool, their eyes alight with wonderment at every detail, noticing things I'd never have seen had I not taken the time to get down on their level and patiently observe. There is something sacred about the water, and we are grateful for how it makes our lives better.

The heart of man is
very much like the sea,
it has its storms, it
has its tides
and in its depths it
has its pearls too.
- Vincent van Gogh

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