Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day 2015 was a definitely one for the books. Riggs decided to let his three-year-old flag fly completely free, if you know what I mean. I guess he didn't want me to forget that being a momma is hard, hard work. 

Despite testing my will and patience at least once every thirty minutes from 6:30am to 7:30pm, the day was lovely and we made many great memories. We kept it low-key and stayed close to home, which was really really nice, but I did miss getting to spend time with my own mom.

We got up and spent an hour or two just waking up and getting dressed, etc. We decided breakfast out sounded nice, so we stopped at Vagabond Blues on the way to church for coffee, muffins, quiche and a breakfast burrito for me. I think Raina ate more of the berry muffin than Riggs did - she is so hungry all the time. Since she decided that she was ready to start eating solids she hasn't looked back. She usually only nurses mid-day (other than at wake up and before bed) and everything else is food, food, food! 

Riggs decided to announce to the entire cafe that he needed to go poop, and I shushed him with burning red cheeks as we rushed off to the bathroom. And of course, despite me coaching him on how he was going to tell daddy about his amazing bowel movement when we got back to the table ("whisper it in daddy's ear like a secret!"), he ran excitedly up to Steve and said (very VERY loudly) that he had a "big giant poop in the potty!!!!!!". Ahhh three year olds...

We still had a little time before we had to head to church so we walked around downtown Palmer for a bit. Raina was happy to just sit in the grass, trying to stuff as many rocks as possible in her mouth (secretly hoping, I think, that she could somehow manage to eat one before I noticed and made her spit them out). Riggs never tried to eat things like that and so Raina is throwing me for a loop; I have to keep an eagle eye on what that girl is putting in her mouth!

 this is her guilty face, just about to pop a rock in that open mouth.

had to snap a quick photo with Sarah and our babies before church started...
it may be blurry but I just love it!

We all changed into comfy clothes/pjs as soon as we got home and Raina decided to open her puffs (for the first time) and dump them all over the floor the second I turned my back on her. Good thing she's so darn cute.

After an amazing late lunch/early dinner that Steve made, we forced ourselves to throw on some shoes and head out for a family hike before bedtime. I kind of have an obsession with baseball/trucker hats and just picked up this Kittewake patch hat from Skinny Raven. It matched my outfit perfectly and I love that they're all unique with vintage Alaska patches on them.

We went up to the Matanuska Peak Trail and climbed up for about 30 minutes before turning around to head home. Riggs hiked the whole way and didn't really start complaining until right before we stopped, and since it was only about 15 minutes until bed time we figured it would be a great time to just go back down to the truck. Plus Steve's knee has been bothering him especially on steep downhills and the Matanuska Peak trail is pretty much straight up, so I didn't want him to over do it either. Eventually (and maybe without the kids) I'd like to do the whole 4+ mile hike to the peak, but it was a nice quick little pre-bed jaunt. And it wore Riggs out completely too, I think he was asleep in three minutes flat.

Steve did such a great job of making me feel truly loved and appreciated all weekend long and that was just really special. For me feeling special and extra-loved isn't about fancy gifts or expensive dinner's, but about someone taking the time to pay attention to the little details all day and to have extra patience for our kids (and for their mama) when we're having a hard time. I'm so lucky to be on this parenting journey with my best friend and love special days like this that remind me of how blessed I really am even when things don't go as I pictured in my head. It's so nice when our imperfect reality turns out to be even better than far-flung expectations. ♥

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  1. Oh gosh - Evie likes to yell about poop too. Especially/conveniently at restaurants. She has no shame in the poop talk. It starts out with 'My butt hurts! I need to poop now, here!' (because I always ask, 'Now? Here? Are you sure?') and ends with talk about how many poops she did and much there was. It's disturbing. Lol. Alex and I always look at each other and agree, 'Kids are gross.'