Monday, May 4, 2015

Alaska Zoo run for kids and family in town

Do you ever have one of those days that somehow ends up being packed to the very brim and you're not really sure how it happened? That was our Saturday. I registered Riggs for the Zoo Run a few weeks in advance, so I knew that was going to be a big part of our planning for the day. But then spur of the moment a bunch of other things came up and we didn't stop going from 6am until 10pm. Whew!

Luckily we were busy doing fun things and seeing some of our favorite people. The weather was just beautiful, it was a great day for a kids run. Riggs was so excited to participate in the race with his cousins, and we all had fun despite how crowded and crazy it was. The narrow trails of the zoo weren't the best for hoards and hoards of parents eager to see their kids run and to take the perfect picture.

We decided to leave shortly after the race finished because it wasn't really feasible to go see the rest of the animals with many of the trails blocked off for the races and the kids all hyped up from running. We ate our lunch in the bed of the truck in the sunny parking lot before heading over to the Classic Car Show at the Tesoro Sports Center in South Anchorage. Steve and Riggs were really into the cars and Raina and I tagged along politely.

Next we met Steve's brother and his family to help them divide and conquer to complete there big shopping trip (they stock up when they're in town from Homer) and then we all headed to Girdwood for some swimming and family time.

Cousins are so much fun, especially when they're so cute!

 two babies in a floaty

Right around bed time we got out of the pool, got dressed, said our goodbyes, and headed back home. We were both pretty tired once we got home, got both sleeping kids tucked into their beds, and the truck unloaded. It felt like two or three days all rolled into one, but it sure was fun!

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  1. How do you manage to look pretty while swimming?? Seriously, I look like a drowned cat. Waterproof mascara? Inquiring minds want to know!