Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Warriors

Steve and I had the most productive weekend ever, and it feels so good to have gotten so much done! The weather wasn't exactly the most motivating, but we got everything we planned on done anyway.

Last week we decided to stop talking about getting rid of our futon and recliners and actually do it. We sold the futon the day we posted it on Craigslist and sold the recliners to some friends of ours in Homer. It was a relief to sell everything so quick, but it meant we had to go search for new furniture, which was fun and overwhelming all at the same time.

Friday Steve got off work early and so we used the time to head out searching for a couch-like piece of furniture to fill the space. We also wanted to look into an Ekornes Stressless recliner for Steve, so we went to Scanhome first. He has always wanted one, and I felt it was pretty important for him to find a comfortable chair due to the chronic back pain he has. They are on the pricier side, especially compared to our Costco recliners, but we decided to go ahead and order one for him. Merry Christmas to Steve!

It won't be here for a few weeks, but these are the color choices we went with.
I can't wait to see it in person, it's going to looks so, so nice! :)
Then we headed over to Sadler's and found exactly what I was looking for in a sofa. It's grey and has a chaise lounge-like side for me to stretch out on. Plus we will be able to seat more than just two people, which is always a plus :)

We picked up the couch Saturday and got our living room all set up. It is SO comfortable and fits perfectly. There is only one problem: I feel like it clashes with the current paint colors, so I told Steve there might be some painting in his future, which I'm sure he's pretty excited about...

This is what our living room used to look like...
...and now it looks like this! Quite a big improvement :)
Sunday we woke up to high winds and pouring rain and decided it would be best to stay put for the day. Our circle and road was glare ice and there was debris from the high winds everywhere.  Steve was happy to snuggle into the new sofa and play Call of Duty the entire morning. He had his headphones, his dog, his coffee and some chocolate chip cookies, so he was good for a few hours.

I was filled with a burst of random energy and decided to deep clean and organize...the entire house! I started on Steve's desk, which really was a completely unorganized mess. I cleaned out and went through every ding drawer, the entire surface and everything that was under the desk. I also went through the shelves above his desk and reorganized them when I was done.

I got rid of two full black garbage bags worth of trash, and moved onto my next project, after vacuuming all around his desk and starting a load of laundry. This involved washing the dishes from the evening before and making a nice brunch for us to eat: eggs scrambled with cream cheese and pigs in a blanket.

I switched loads of laundry, cleaned the entire bathroom, and got everything laid out for Steve to replace both fixtures in the shower and re-caulk nearly everything in the bathroom. He finished his last game and got to work. While he was busy in there, I deep cleaned the kitchen in preparation for him to replace the faucet there when he was done with the bathroom.

The bathroom was a piece of cake for him, but the kitchen faucet was a different story. After TWO trips to TWO different home improvement stores due to no fault of his own, I might add, he finally got the new faucet all set up in the kitchen.  I made dinner and some cookies for Steve's lunch tomorrow, and cleaned up the remains of the faucet project in the kitchen.

It was so nice to get so, so, so much done this weekend and even though I'm exhausted now and ready for bed, I can't wait to finish cleaning and organizing the house tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend and has a great Monday!


  1. Sounds like you got tons done! Can't wait to see all the changes. Love you!