Monday, December 12, 2011

37 weeks

So I am officially 37 weeks 2 days pregnant.  I still feel pretty good, actually.  Nothing to complain about, because any discomfort or pain I've had is because he's dropped and is so low in my pelvis - which means he's getting ready to be born!  Steve and I had a low key weekend.  We hung out with Ford Friday evening so his parents could enjoy a Christmas party baby free, which was lots of fun.

Ford was asleep, Steve was nearly asleep, and Beau nervously
watched over
Saturday we lazed about all day, which was marvelous.  Steve had a massage at noon, so I went and "worked out" at the Alaska Club (if you can call what I did working out lol).  Then we came home and hung out on the couch the rest of the day.  I took a three hour (!) nap around 4:30, and woke up just in time for our friend Jesse to come and pick up our two recliners he bought from us.  It is so nice to have so much open space in our living room!  And just in time for baby to come and clutter it up with his stuff lol.

We watched a movie, during which I utilized my rather large protrusion for practical purposes...

Steve looked over and had quite a laugh at my expense...secretly I know he's just jealous he doesn't have a built in shelf lol.  He "had" to take a picture, and I thought I'd share, since I haven't had any other recent belly pics to post.  So happy 37 weeks to me and happy Monday to you!