Tuesday, August 3, 2010

no pictures...

NPR came on, and all I wanted was for it to be quiet again, so I could drift back into the deep sleep I'd been experiencing minutes before. I heard Steve get out of bed and get ready for work, but I still wasn't ready to leave my warm covers or disturb the two dogs sleeping on me. I closed my eyes and experienced that dreamy place where I'm half awake, half asleep. I stayed there for a little while, then opened my eyes suddenly to see what time it was. 7:50am. I sighed deeply, sat up, and began the process that is getting out of bed in my house. Let the dogs out. Feed the dogs. Start the laundry. Let the dogs out again. Wash the dishes from dinner last night. Sweep and vacuum. Pack a lunch for work. Pack clothes for work. Put on my cycling shoes and hit the road at 9:20.

It was a grey morning, probably about 58 degrees. I took the usual route past the lagoon and realized that it was August 2. It was probably going to start getting chillier, there would be that crisp quality to the air in the mornings. I smiled and realized that I can't wait.

Fall holds a special place in my heart, I'm not entirely sure why. I think its the changes. Excitement over the changing seasons. Excitement over starting another school year (although this will be the last for me for a little while). Excitement over the coming of the snow and the fast approaching holidays. I love winter, it's my favorite season by far, but I think that fall is a close second. Maybe because it blends summer and winter and it is a period of transition that brings welcome change to my tired routine.

We will be switching out bikes for skis at work pretty soon, which means we will also be getting in our pugsleys, which means I better start saving even more in anticipation! I write this as I wait to throw some honey whole wheat bread in the oven, but I probably won't get around to posting it until morning because it's already midnight and my eyelids are starting to droop uncontrollably...

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  1. I'm a cold weather person as well. Riding in the fall and winter is much more interesting to me. I enjoy seeing the lay of the land through trees who's leaves previously hid the topography and I love the sound of frozen earth crunching beneath the tires. (Like in this ride report: http://phattire.blogspot.com/2010/01/first-mtb-ride-of-2010.html)

    Looking forward to seeing some nice Alaskan winter scenery here!