Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baking bread...

I have recently decided that baking bread is extremely therapeutic.  I am recovering from either the worst cold on earth or the flu and haven't really done much because of that.  But Steve has to have his sandwiches, so Wednesday I realized that I had to make some more bread.  I began the process feeling like every limb weighed 200 lbs, not a good start.  But as I waited for the yeast to proof, then mixed the ingredients and began kneading, I began to feel more relaxed than I had in while.  The tension seemed to melt right out of my shoulders, and after covering the dough to rise, I felt a smile on my face and came to the realization that making bread is therapeutic.  Then again I've always noticed that baking anything from scratch will almost always brighten my day and leave me feeling better about life.  God finds ways to give us pleasure even in the most basic chores.

Here are a few pictures of some recent loaves...

 ready to go in the oven

my little workspace

The finished product!  Honey whole wheat bread...yum.


  1. Wow that looks awesome! Haven't had home made bread since I was a kid. I used to shovel my grandmother's driveway while she baked bread. When I was finished we'd have slices of fresh hot buttered bread with hot chocolate. Good times. I've always wanted to bake my own bread... maybe I'll give it a try this winter.

  2. PS: I have that same tea pot! ( )

  3. This is me being quite envious of you're bread baking! It looks amazing! And, how do you get those wonderful little wheat sprig designs in them?