Sunday, July 25, 2010

rainy weekend

mileage: 7/23 - 15
average mph: 18
total July mileage: 105 (haven't been keeping track daily on the blog, sorry)

Saturday was the only day that Steve and I had off together, and we made the most of it. It actually turned out to be a total "bike" day. We did the maintenance both our roadies had been sorely needing. I re-wrapped my handlebars (the white I did a few months ago was nasty already - I got blue/black this time), lubed everything, swapped out my touring pedals for my Shimano clipless pedals, fine tuned my seat height and adjusted the tilt of my handlebars. Steve had lots to do on his Trek 400. He picked it up at a bike swap a little over a year ago for cheap and hasn't had time since then to give it any TLC. It needed adjustments to the dérailleur and lots of lube. We also put my touring pedals on it until he can get a clipless set up. Tonight I'm going to rewrap his handlebars since his is worn through and torn in some spots.

After getting the bike ready to hit the road, we stopped at REI to do some bike related shopping, and ended up getting some new Vittoria Randonee touring tires for his bike. He had some 700x25 inverted tread tires on and they were pretty unforgiving on the bumpy, rooty bike paths around town. The new ones are 700x28 which makes a huge difference for him. I grabbed some new Pearl Izumi bike shoes and we messed around in the parking lot for 10 minutes as I accustomed myself to riding with the clipless set up. I only fell once and it was a pretty clumsy moment. I was riding around in circles, smile wide as I thought about just how much more efficient this set up was going to be. I decided to stop, and I decided not to get out of my pedals until I had already stopped. I got my right foot out before I tipped over, eyes growing wide as I hit the ground on my left side, my foot still attached to the pedal and my hand still on the handlebar. Steve ran over as I started laughing at the ridiculousness of the spill.

We headed down to the Chester Creek trail system and headed towards Goose Lake. We decided to explore the trails around the college so I could figure out timing for commuting to school in the fall. I bike a lot last year, but never went all the way on the trail. I'd usually get off at Lake Otis and ride alongside the road. But I prefer to avoid the roads surrounding the college if at all possible, especially in when the snow flies.

We stopped at Goose Lake after looping around the various roads and bike paths that connected the two sides of campus to eat the tuna sandwiches I packed as a light rain started to fall. It looked like there were various single-tracks forking off of the main paved trail, and I couldn't wait to explore them later. That is one of the reasons I want a cross bike in the summer - it's would be perfect for commuting on paved paths and for a little off road action.

We saw a couple moose across the lake right as we were about to head back home, and we stopped to watch them for a minute or two. Watching animals in the quiet of their natural habitat always fills me with a warm sense of peace. I could watch for hours, it's often hard to tear myself away from the tranquil scene and bike or hike back to the often hectic real world.


  1. What a biker grrrl you've turned out to be, Whitney! You should tune up mine!

  2. It's like you live in a completely different world than my sunny always warm FL!

  3. Dad I'd love to! Then we could go for a ride together :) We should do so soon...

    AmandaRose: It was super sunny earlier this summer, but I guess fall decided to show up in Alaska fashionably early (and extra chilly and rainy).

  4. Oh great, now I have another blog with which to live vicariously through! I'm pretty envious of you Alaskans. You have it all; woods, lakes, mountains, solitude. (You don't have NY pizza though!) I'm going to have to take a trip up there with my bike & camera soon.

    Riding trails to school sounds ideal. I think it would be hard to leave the trail and actually go to school though...