Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eagle River Nature Center

This post will pretty much be photo blog-style; we had a great time in the drizzle out in Eagle River Valley. Pretty much convinced me to start saving for a "real" camera.

This picture is adorable, of course, but it also made me sad...notice the "no bikes"
picture/sign? Corbin and Noah didn't seem to mind, they were all smiles.

Me and my older sister Kelsey (Corbin and Noah's mom). It was the
first day we've gotten to hang out in forever!

Me trying to coax the boys up to a gigantic old cottonwood tree on the Albert Loop.

That tree made me look teeny. I love you tree! haha

Quiet moment overlooking the beaver pond...even the boys were
speechless! If you haven't been out to the Center, I highly recommend it.

Playing with my editing software...Noah was
entranced by the running water under the boardwalk.

Love his chubby cheeks and hands...

Silent reflection...

None of us even noticed as the rain started to was way
too beautiful to notice anything but the nature surrounding us.

Corbin and Aunty...

Quiet time is over, let the smiles and laughter begin!

And he's off!

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  1. We had a blast!! Thanks for taking such great pictures!!