Friday, July 9, 2010

busy summer

July Mileage: 10

The last two weeks have left very little time for biking. I've been commuting to work, but at about 3 miles round trip, I don't even really count that. My best friend from HS is getting married next weekend and we've been super busy in my off work hours with hanging out and last minute wedding details. I picked up my bridesmaid dress today and it fits perfect (maybe ateeny bit tight but hopefully by then it'll be perfect) and is a perfect hot pink so I'm pretty excited about that. Today we're off to Arctic Valley where she's getting married for a photographer consultation and to try and get some idea of where the ceremony will be exactly. So probably no bike ride for me. I wish I could bring my bike with us and bike up there for a good hard ride, but there's just not time for that. But we have a pretty lazy weekend coming up, so I'll be out then.

I love my new job and am learning so much about cycling, which has been literally like a dream come true (sounds cheesy I know but it's so true). I'm already beginning to formulate plans for a new bike or two. Pretty positive that a Pugsly is in the works for this fall, and that's pretty freaking exciting.

In case you were's a Surly Pugsly...
...and here's what he can do:

I live in a state with 9 months of winter...see the appeal?


  1. I hope you get your Pugsly! I've wanted one for years; even if we don't get several feet of snow down here in NYC. I sometimes wish I lived in Alaska. As a kid I had this fantasy of one day living there and working as a bush pilot. I follow a friend's blog to satiate my Alaskan dreams; you'd probably enjoy it:


  2. I'm saving up for it, so hopefully it will become a reality...thanks for the comment and the blog referral! I love his blog already, plus I noticed he biked in the 2010 Iditarod Trail Invitation which is a distant dream of mine. You should at least be sure to visit often! It's a great state to live in :)