Thursday, January 12, 2017

Riggs turns Five: Happy Birthday Son!

Riggs' birthday this year falls on a full moon, the Wolf Moon, and I find this so fitting. Like the wolf, Riggs is a social creature, yet capable and independent. He's always moving and always thinking, calculating, and watching everything with his flashing green eyes. He's sensitive and can howl with the best of them, yet he's playful too.

I'm not really sure how it's possible that my little wolf pup is five years old today, but I've felt the truth of the milestone over the last 24 hours, like some emotional shift in my soul. Last night it was all I could think about after I put him to bed, and I took an hour to think back to five years before, the last night as spent pre-children with Steve. Then I thought about our labor and delivery process and finally his actual birth. What precious memories. As I heard hime waking this morning I snuck in his room and told him a simplified version of the events that transpired leading up to him being born - he sat there in bed propped up on his pillows, so still and sleepy still, yet listening intently, a tiny smile curling up the sides of his wide mouth.

Every moment I've had with this child is precious to me, and the moments that have already passed in the five years I've had him earthside with me have slipped away so quickly and quietly, I'm left grasping for them, wondering what's happened. So I endeavor to write more down, and maybe take more video, but mostly to be there with him, present in the moments we share together, wholly investing in whatever we may be doing.

brand new
six weeks old | one year and six weeks
Here are some videos of his first and second year, captured day by day during the 365 projects (a photo a day for the entire year) I did those years. Now to work on finishing some more recent slideshows/videos!

Riggs 366 2012 from Whitney Harness on Vimeo.

Riggs 2013 from Whitney Harness on Vimeo.

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