Monday, July 27, 2015

Homer Trip Part One: Across the Bay

Little Tutka bay is off in the distance, across Kachemak Bay from Homer.

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from my trip to Homer a month ago...oops. Time just seems to fly by when you're having fun!

I went down to Homer to visit Steve's family and to run in the Homer Spit Run: 10k to the Bay race, which I did an overview of, here. It's always so fun to go visit Homer, but usually we're trying to cram so much family stuff in that I never get to see friends and go places that were my favorite spots when I lived there. So this time I planned to stay for almost a week since I didn't have to work around Steve's schedule.

It was so nice to have that much time to settle in and relax, especially with a race in the middle of everything. I went down Thursday and went straight across the bay to visit Steve's dad in Little Tutka. Steve's brother Ben had to work across the bay so it actually ended up working out perfectly that I went over with him instead of having to pay for a water taxi ride. Not that I would have minded at all but I like to pinch my pennies where I can, haha.

Riggs was so happy to see Opa and to get to roam and explore the beach. I wish I could have spent another night over there, but was happy to get even one night. I put the kids to bed and went back over to the cabin to stay up late talking with Steve's dad and his wife, it was so nice to have adult time after it just being me and the kids for a few weeks.

I am so thankful that Steve got to grow up in such an amazing place and that his dad still lives there for us to visit. I just love seeing Riggs running around where Steve used to at that very same age. And Raina was really into crawling around exploring everything too, she did so well!

I hope next time we go back across that Steve can come with us, but we'll see. If you have never been across the bay from Homer, I highly recommend a trip. It's like a different world and there are so many beautiful places to explore and spend time immersed in nature. Steve's dad run an ecotourism business, A Seaside Adventure, that offers both cabin rental and kayak tours, and he is great with accommodating kids and all sorts of special situations. I highly recommend them, and though you may think I'm biased, just read some of their reviews on tripadvisor, everyone else loves them too!

At the harbor ready to go. Morgan and Riggs; Me, Raina, Evelyn and Mercedes.

 Raina loved exploring all the shells and grabbing the fishing poles.

Cousins are the best. Riggs and Morgan heading down from the cabin to the beach.
Riggs' favorite beach-combing find was a crab shell. Opa told him all about how crabs grow out of the skin and leave their too-small shell behind for us to look at and enjoy!
Oma telling Evie and Morgan about everything in the tidal pool.
Sunsets in Little Tutka may possibly be the most beautiful ever!
Morning in our cabin.
Ready to go exploring.
Helping Opa with the running line.
Blueberry pancakes for breakfast in the main cabin.
Little captain heading out on a water run.

Kayak selfie!
Already right at home in a kayak.
Water so clear you can see every detail from the Kayak. That green starfish was the most beautiful color I've every seen.
Kayak nursing.
Heading home, helping Uncle ben drive the boat.
He only lasted about 10 minutes before he was cuddled in, sleeping instead of driving.
Raina wanted a turn driving too.

It was such a fun trip with so many great memories made. Stay tuned for Part Three: the Homer Side, coming soon!

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