Thursday, July 23, 2015

checking in

We are busy this morning getting ready for an impromptu camping trip with my BFF and her kids, but I wanted to drop in and share a thought for the day, as well as a link to my first post as a contributor to NW Healthy Mama, 3 Simple Ways to Completely Reset a Hard Day.
Pause everything (nothing’s getting done anyway), connect with your child, and feel the difference it makes in your day. Meditate on what’s ultimately important in life and realize that all the mundane tasks you feel pressure to get done can wait. Those dishes will still be there in an hour, an afternoon or even tomorrow, but our children won’t always need us in the way they do now.
That's just a little snippet from my post, be sure to click over, read it, and let me know your strategies for reseting a tough day.

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