Saturday, January 3, 2015

it's a new year now

The week after Christmas is always a melancholy one for me. The rush of the holiday season is over, and with it all the wonderful times with family and friends. All we as moms are left with is the clean-up and the exhaustion that inevitably comes with so much change in routine. I prefer to take down all the Christmas decorations right away, first thing on the day after Christmas, but this year we went to Homer the morning after Christmas, so nothing got cleaned up until the day after we got home. As soon as it was all packed away and the needles vacuumed up and everything put back in it's normal place, I felt much better. Things felt normal again, like we could just relax back into our old routines.

And that's how it was for a day or two, until we decided to try potty training Riggs starting New Years Day. There is nothing normal or routine about learning something as big as to stop peeing in a diaper whenever you please and rather stopping whatever amazingly interesting thing you are doing to run to the bathroom to pee on the potty instead. It's  b i g  people. 

I feel Riggs' pain, and I know it's hard, but it's happening. I know he's ready. He know's he's ready. And yet it's still a lot of work. I'm not sure why, but this is such a big deal for me. I'm struggling with patience like I never have before, and I feel defeated half the time. Yesterday he didn't have a single accident, and today he's had three (including poop in his I feel like the hardest thing for me is the balance between asking him if he has to pee every five minutes, having him try every time the timer goes off, and trusting him to tell me when he has to go. It's so tough!

Also, we haven't left the house, have barely gone outside (and he had an accident outside) and have had no screen time for the last three days. Not going outside has been the hardest on all of us I think, but the thought of taking snow clothes on and off every twenty minutes sounds awful to me and I guess it all comes down to what I'm willing to put myself (and Riggs of course) through. We have church tomorrow, a thirty minute drive from our house, and I'm not sure how it's going to work. I'm pretty much dreading it. Anyway, send good potty training vibes my way and any (and I mean any!!!) advice would be greatly appreciated and even cherished (haha).

My biggest questions are how long to expect before he tells me he needs to go 95% of the time? How do I approach going out in public? And what about long car rides? Help!

Some pictures of what we've been up to lately:


  1. I feel your pain with the potty training!! I've lost count of the attempts we've made with our boys (sadly with no success!) I have no advice except to stick with it and keep it light, they pick things up so fast when they're ready to learn fun new things!! Good Luck and Belated Happy New Year! :D

  2. Andrea @ The Long Way HomeJanuary 5, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    Before I give you any advice, let me just say I have lost it so many times with Ev over potty training. I mean dragging her out of the car and spanking her lost it and I am just not that kind of parent about anything else. I never spank and I'm usually very conscious of the fact that she's only 2. Something about potty training makes me a nervous wreck with absolutely no patience, so don't feel bad! We started potty training her about 6 months ago and she still has accidents every once in awhile, most of them being a little pee in her panties before she realizes she needs to go and tells us. Nothing messy, but we just have to change her clothes. I'm a bit envious of those people that potty train their kid in like a week and have no issues past that. It has been an ongoing thing in our house for months! It's just more gradual with her and maybe Riggs is like that too. She did really great at home just a few weeks after we started working on it, but would pee in her car seat every single time I put her in it. It didn't matter if she peed before she left home or not. I started to swear it was deliberate! We've moved past that now and she's doing great. I don't have a lot of advice other than it might take awhile. You'll probably gain some patience and do a lot lf laundry, but he'll get it eventually. We didn't use any training pants or reward system or anything like that, just jumped into it and stuck it out until she figured it out. I would have used treats, but Ev gets hung up on things that like and would never have forgotten to get one. I'd be feeding her M&Ms for peeing until she was in college. ;) we do still do diapers for nap time and night time though - haven't felt ready to tackle that one yet. Trying to decide whether to do it before second baby comes along or not. :/