Friday, January 30, 2015

five friday favorites

It's been forever since I've done a friday favorites post and I've been finding a lot of fun stuff on pinterest lately. I have so many ideas floating around in my mind to make our lives a little better, but it's always tricky actually putting the ideas into motion and getting stuff done. One step a time though, for now I'll just stick to pinning and sharing my ideas here.

one | breakfast pizza
this looks amazing, I don't know why I haven't made it yet. maybe because Steve has been making breakfast every day for us and I don't want to mess with his groove/I'm lazy and love eating food that someone else cooked.

Steve and I have scoured pinterest for ideas of what exactly to do in the kids rooms to open up a little more floorspace (we want to get/make the kids a play kitchen but there's no room right now) and have finally decided on something like this, that both kids can sleep in for years to come. As soon as Steve is done with the shed outside I'm hoping he can start working on making something very similar to this before he has to go back to working normal hours. 

this looks like something Steve would love and he's always asking me to make food like this so when I saw it in my Pinterest feed I had to add it to my savory board. we have some chicken drumsticks that would probably be great alongside this salad...

I just love this little poster/print so much. I want to get it for the kids' room, I think it would match the 'theme' in their room just fine. Actually who am I kidding, there's really not much of a theme in there.

probably the worst thing about our house is that there's no fireplace. all winter long Steve and I both wish we could cozy up to a warm fire after the kids have gone to bed. someday.


  1. That bed looks awesome!! And we miss having a fireplace too. Our house in Chugiak had a beautiful one, and now we don't have one. Definitely gave us something to look forward to on the really cold days.

  2. What a good idea for the bunkbed! And oh my a fireplace in your house would be just perfect <3

  3. These ideas are all fantastic! A breakfast pizza? I would have never thunk :) And that power salad was just bookmarked in my dinner folder! Tyler and I have been eating tons of yummy salads lately for dinner packed with all kinds of nutritions and protein. It feels so great to have consumed something healthy and filling instead of feeling bloated and stuffed at night!

    And last, a cozy evening fire is something I crave to sit by as well. Someday, someday!

    Circus & Bloom

  4. I am constantly wishing for a fireplace too! We seem to be the only people in our neighborhood without one. It makes me constantly jealous. Also, my sister has one of the bunk/crib combos. It works soooo well. Her kids are a little older now and they converted it into two beds. It is a great idea!