Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day across the bay

Steve got a day off work so we headed down to Homer to visit family. It was so fun! We spent the night with Steve's brother and family, then hitched a ride on a water taxi to spent two days at Steve's dads across the bay. It was a peaceful, beautiful trip and I wish I was back there right now, watching the sunset from the cabin. We went kayaking and brought home some fresh halibut too. What a great trip! I forgot my camera though :( here are a few phone pics, and I'll add some more when my father in law sends me some of the pictures he took. Oh and PS...happy June!
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  1. Still wished it would have worked out that I could go!! love you whitty

  2. Looks Beautiful!!! Glad you guys had a nice trip :)

  3. Looks so nice! Sooo envious!