Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Heartbeat!

I ordered a Sonoline B Fetal Heart Rate Monitor from about 4 days ago and it arrived in the mail last night.  It is the most amazing thing ever to be able to listen in on my little one's heartbeat whenever I feel like it.  We listened last night and it was the first time Steve had gotten to hear the baby ever.  It was such a special moment.  Then I listened in this morning, and baby made me laugh.  I found it right away, but then baby was swimming all over the place so it was hard to keep listening.  I guess I have an active little one growing inside me! Oh, and for old wives sake, the heartrate has been about 155-163


  1. It made me cry hearing it on the phone this morning!! So glad Steve got to hear it!!

  2. So glad you bought one! As crabby as I am ;) I really do love hearing my favorite little niece!!! I just know your little swimmer is a girl :)

  3. PS- You should post a recording of the little one