Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November, November...

So its November already.  I can't believe it!  This "winter" has just flown by so far and I feel like it's going to be summer before I know it.  I have been a busy girl; this semesters work load is just about killing me.  Today I'm working on a paper that is due tomorrow as well as trying to finish my senior thesis presentation powerpoint presentation.  That's actually going well, it is the paper writing that's eluding me.  And by eluding me, I mean I haven't even started it!  But I'm sure I will get it done at some point today.

I got my Christmas cards in the mail today, and I need to address them and get them ready to send out.  I am so happy with how they turned out, but no spoiler on this blog.  I'll post a picture of them on Christmas Day for all my bloggy friends who don't get one.  They are magnetic photo cards and I ordered them from, an amazing site with lots of great options for photo gifts.  I hope all of you are busy getting yours done and putting my name on your list of people to send them to! :)

I have actually already been skiing more this winter than I did during the entire winter last year.  Which is really sad, since I've only been skiing three times.  But that's actually pretty good for this season, since there has only been about 6 inches of snow so far.  I am dying for more snow, but so far nothing.  Hopefully it'll dump during the month of December and I can ski everyday of my Christmas break.

Hilltop ski area about two weeks ago, before we got the snow in town...such a beautiful day!

I'm a pretty aggressive skier, hahahaha...

Couldn't get over what a beautiful morning it was...


After we got snow in town, I headed to Kincaid Park...this weekend was the best snow ever!

Sisters skiing!

Last ski before the big thaw/freeze cycle that messed up the snow...Ms. Moose didn't want me to get to the top of Elliot's Climb....

All in all it has been a great, though extremely busy, couple of weeks.  Now I have to go finish my work and figure out what projects are upcoming.  I only have three weeks of school left, but I've got at least 5 papers to finish and a few midterms to complete.  Wish me luck!

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