Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Alaska Run for Women Race Recap

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day for a morning race, it was already about 65 degrees when I got to the Sullivan Arena to pick up my bib at about 8:00am. I finally decided to do the Run for Women on the Wednesday before the race, but didn't get around to registering until about 8pm on Thursday night, and the registration for the timed 5 mile race had already closed. I decided to go ahead and register for the untimed race.

I spent the night at my parents in Anchorage Friday night and left the kids with my mom in the morning. It was my first race I've ever done just completely by myself, and it was kind of weird. I was glad it was a warm morning because I didn't need to bring a sweatshirt or anything to warm up in. I just brought my car key, phone/headphones and ID in my little belt. I walked over to the stadium where all the tents were set up and where the finish line was for the race. I grabbed my bib for the untimed race, and talked to a few friends. Then I decided to head back over and ask if there were any timed race bibs left (with a chip) and there were! I was so glad I thought of asking, because I ended up having a great race, with both a 5k PR (cut over three minutes off my previous PR - that feels pretty dang amazing!) and a PR for the five mile as well.

The Run for Women is a fun race promoting awareness about/fundraising for the fight against breast cancer.
Clearly, pink is a big theme, as well as anything related to boobs. I loved all the amazingly creative bras they had for
women to try on and get their pictures in, so much fun. My friend (and survivor) Jackie and I chatted for a bit and then she
got a photo of me in the amazing floral bra. Oh and even the outhouses are pink!

I was feeling so great and ran just behind my ski coach from high school who I knew usually ran about a 7.20 mile pace. I have been training five days a week pushing the stroller 95% of the time, even during my speed workouts, so I felt like I could try and keep up with that pace, despite running the last couple of races at more of a 7.45' mile pace. I'm so glad I did, because like I said I felt really really good and like I was really able to give it my all for the entire race. I was really feeling tired, but in a good way, during the last half mile, but I made myself stay with Sara and tried to push myself to run as fast as I could around the track and to the finish.

It was kind of funny not to have any family to meet me at the finish, but I still had a great race and I know the kids were actually probably happy to have a quiet morning playing at Grandma's - they get a lot of stroller time during my runs each week.

This isn't the most flattering finish line picture, but I actually LOVE it. I love it because you can see
that I gave the race everything I had and pushed myself to my limits. I don't think there's a better feeling
than putting your all into something and accomplishing something great as a result.
I will never be the fastest but I love seeing the progress I've made. Getting 32nd out of such a huge group of women and seeing my name in the paper was pretty exciting for me. 

I also got to meet a blog friend, Michelle, whose blog, The Runner's Plate, has been really motivational for me over the last couple of years and especially this last year as I've gotten back into running after having Raina. She had her first baby this last year and is running better than ever just over six months post-partum - so inspiring! It was great to finally meet her in person. 

Overall it was a great race and I'm so glad I made the decision last-minute to do the race. Next up is the Homer Spit Run on June 27th. It's a 10k that's basically all downhill - pretty much the perfect race if you ask me! Hoping to beat my last 10k time of 48 minutes and to have fun seeing Steve's family while I'm at it. 

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